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Rev. Tunde
My Mission

Let Your HEAD and HEART Be in STEP with SPIRIT

Spirit moves me to share, and I surrender!      Rev. Dr. Tunde Adenuga

Welcome, fellow traveler.  As we journey through life, we discover a lot about ourselves and the dynamics of our interaction with this material world and other beings in it.  We experience through the body, mind and soul.  Our perceptions and interpretations of this experience change at different phases of the journey, like the scenery of a countryside landscape viewed through the window of a moving train. 

  However, the joy is in the journey itself and not a judgment of how, when or where it started or ends.  (Who is the traveler?)  Who you are tells a lot about your life's journey! Enjoy the ride!  - Rev. Dr. Tunde Adenuga

I am eager to share what I have learned about how to live a truly happy and fulfilling human life with you.


My Mission

My mission is to share my life experiences with you so you'll be encouraged to continue your journey with faith and a renewed assurance that you can learn the truth about who you are and how to live a happy and fulfilling human life.  I want to support you in your desire to know the real "Truth" about who you are and your relationship to the rest of the universe.

I am eager to make available what I have learned about how to live a truly happy and fulfilling human life, despite our complicated cultures and notions of religion.  For more information on how to get started, visit http://spiritguidedliving.comYou may also reach me by calling the number below or emailing .  May you be blessed as you open your mind to greater possibilities and allow Spirit into your heart so you can receive what the Universe is offering you in this and every moment - unconditional love!  Accept your blessings, now. http://spiritguidedliving.com


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